Mandjoogoordap: Changing Tides

As part of my research for the Estuary Art Project, I’m attending the Australian Association for Environmental Education (AAEE) Conference for the next 3 days, being held right here in Mandurah. I’m looking forward to learning new and exciting ways to engage and protect this beautiful area.

Wetlands Weekender Festival Stall

Come along and say hi. As pre-residency research, I’m having a stall at the PHCC Wetlands Weekender Festival on Sunday 10 October 8 am – 12 pm on the Coodanup Foreshore, Peel Parade, Coodanup.

Participate in art-making activities, learn more about the Estuary Art Project, share your stories and experiences of the wildlife along the foreshore. Enter the prize draw to win an original framed artwork and browse a small selection of art wearables and gift items.

I want the community’s help in creating artwork that supports the messages & highlights the work of local conservation groups, while reflecting the impressions, values and concerns of the community. I want the art to inspire hope and empower the viewer.



Artist Residency


It’s taken me a while to get settled into the new community in Mandurah. Earlier this year I went to an inspiring set of artist talks by previous artists-in-residence over the past 10 years at Contemporary Art Space Mandurah (CASM). I was inspired to apply for a residency for 2023. And the good news it that I have been accepted!

On 1 January 2023, I’ll be moving into the studio space in the CASM gallery for 3 months.

My plan for my time is to create a body of work inspired by the natural beauty of Peel-Harvey Estuary.




Ambient Exhibition at CASM

I attended the opening of Ambient this afternoon as a volunteer helping with the catering. The exhibition is fantastic, and I highly recommend viewing it this month. It was very moving to hear the artists speak so passionately about the natural environment of the region that inspired their work.





New Stockists


The gift shops at Mundaring Arts Centre (MAC) and Contemporary Art Space Mandurah (CASM) are now stocking framed works, cards and small gift items including the very popular Leaf Litter bookmarks.