Frequently asked questions

Is your work for sale?

Yes, all my work is for sale through private sales, exhibitions, gallery stockists and private commissions. Click here to see gallery stockists and upcoming exhibitions.

 If you are interested in commissioning an artwork click here to contact me.

How do I make a purchase?

If the artwork is listed through a gallery stockist or an exhibition you may contact them directly or I’m happy to assist you if you are not in the local area. Online gallery listings must be purchased directly from them.

How is it framed?

I use two types of framing.

For delicate works I use a shadow box frame with clear glass or perspex. Other framing colours may be available on request.

For work on a stretcher I use a front loading or float frame.

Textile paintings do not come framed, but can easily be set into a shadow frame without glass.

Can I buy it unframed?

Monoprints and textile paintings may be purchased unframed. Due to the delicate nature of the works with elements floated above it is not recommended that these be unframed due to possible damage in transit. I am happy to hand deliver these unframed in the local Perth area.

Do you provide a certificate of authenticity?

Yes, I will provide a certificate of authenticity with every artwork purchased directly from me. It can be difficult to ensure a certificate is passed on to the customer when purchased through a third party. In that case please contact me to arrange for one to be sent to you.

Do you teach workshops?

I will teach workshops in the future. If you are interested in a workshop please contact me to discuss it.

How can I find out about new artworks or workshops?

The best way to receive the latest news is to become a member of my VIP Clan. You will receive a weekly email with exclusive special offers.