I’ve always been involved in creative activities, playing with mom’s sewing machine before I was four (I managed to put the needle through my finger 😊) and exploring a multitude of art and crafts with my mother. I took art in school and considered a career in interior design but lacked the confidence to pursue a creative path immediately following graduation. I started an Arts degree, until I discovered courses in textiles and design. While a textiles major wasn’t available, I transferred faculties and took all the textile design courses available. One of my lecturers was also a textile artist and she inspired me to continue my studies at art school after graduation.

My time at art school was cut short because I fell in love six weeks before the program started. I completed the first-year course, 2700 km away from my future husband but struggled with the challenges of a long-distance romance.

For the next 30 years I taught high school, raised a family and followed my husband to wherever his career took him, including moving from my native Canada to Australia. My creativity was focused on these activities and a few hobbies.
Since launching the last of our four children, I’ve been able to devote myself full-time to creative pursuits. Despite the intervening years, I had never lost the dream of being an artist and I set out to develop my art practice from a hobby to a full-time professional artist.

The world around me has always been a place of beauty and wonder. As a child, I learned to identify plants, animals, insects and birds. Sitting hidden within the circle of a weeping willow beside a small pond in my grandparent’s back garden is one of my fondest early memories. It was a quiet meditative spot. As a four-year-old, I was devastated when the willow was blown down in a typhoon.

Always aware of our planet’s limited resources and with an abhorrence of waste I focused on sustainable practices as a lifestyle long before it became a catch phrase. The experiences of a lifetime have naturally led me to take a more active stand on climate change and environmental issues.

Art is visual communication. My mission is to help you express your love of planet earth and shake off the ever-present eco-guilt. Your home homes reflect your personalities and beliefs. You can make a statement, encourage conversation and alternative thinking by decorating with timeless sustainable art incorporating upcycled materials. When you purchase, you also support the ecological communities within the fragile Australian landscape when YOU CHOOSE a non-profit conservation organization to receive 10% of your art purchase.