Artist Statement

My art allows me to combine my lifelong passion for nature with my love of the tactile and textural nature of fabric. I combine unique fabrics with a variety of upcycled materials to create paintings from fabric and thread. I carefully secure tiny scraps of fabrics with free motion contemporary machine embroidery to create complexity and interest. Delicate shadows resulting from suspended stitched layers represent the delicate, ephemeral qualities found in nature.

My work has been largely influenced by current global events and national issues including climate change, threats to the Australian environment and the current refugee crisis. The work I create is intended to generate awareness and appreciation for the natural world while exploring its fragility and our role as caretakers for future generations.



My creative practice is driven by a deep social conscience and sense of personal responsibility. I see a world where the average person is keen to do their best to care for the planet, but we are overwhelmed with negative news, conflicting viewpoints and feel powerless as individuals to influence our governments to act. I want my work to inspire hope and empower the viewer. I want to visually articulate the issues in a way that is accessible to the public and contributes to a shift in climate change dialogue.

I extensively research each work to ensure the imagery portrays reality in a meaningful & engaging way. My current body of work is inspired by an aerial view of the WA wheatbelt.