Artist Statement

My subject matter reflects my values and experience; giving voice to my deepest passions and concerns. My inspiration often comes from current environmental and social justice issues. My artistic goal is to tell a credible story resulting in an empathetic, compassionate response in the viewer causing them to re-evaluate their previous perspective. 

Creative expression is vital to sustaining my inner self. This has manifested in many forms over my career, but I am drawn back to fibre and textile as a medium for expressing my ideas.  I find the tactile nature of fibres, fabric and stitch a constant delight; employing them in much of my work to develop and define those ideas.

While the subject matter in my work encompasses huge global issues, I keep the imagery focused on smaller, manageable topics to encourage a connection with the viewer; generating empathy and greater understanding. In a way I hope to combat the desensitization and apathy generated by the constant negative news provided by mass media. I believe that cumulative, conscious action by individuals can create profound change in our society.

From a very young age I felt a strong connection to the natural world, a sense of wonder at its beauty and infinite variety. I always had a deep empathy for people of different cultures and as a teen was greatly moved by news reports of the human suffering endured due to injustice, natural disasters and war. This awareness has shaped the way I live my life, the organisations I support and how I’ve raised my family. 

I am passionate about creating more awareness of the effects of global deforestation and locally the threat of weak land control laws on native Australian Koala populations.  A native of the temperate rainforests of Western Canada, I was always cognizant of the fragility of the environment. Living in Australia, I see the effects of climate change in the increasing frequency and magnitude of drought, floods and bushfires. Australia is home to a huge number of plant and animal species found nowhere else on the planet and I hope my art prompts conversations that may change perceptions or promote action by the viewer. One of my small actions is to donate ten percent of all sales to reputable national and international conservation organisation to support their work.

The current world refugee crisis pains me as I can only imagine the difficulties faced by those forced from their homes. Living the last 20 years in Australia, as a migrant myself, I have struggled to comprehend the Australian government policies towards refugees, especially those arriving by sea. I have only completed a few pieces on this topic, but my vision is to create an exhibition that visually tells refugee stories, breaks down cultural barriers; helping the viewer acknowledge and embrace our shared humanity. I am currently working with a former detention centre translator to make this goal a reality.

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